4th of July fireworks shows have proven to be great business opportunities for selling blinking toys. Think about it, it’s dark outside, it’s party time, and you have already paid to get in to watch the fireworks. Some shows may be free, but you will have to pay for food and drinks at least. Since you and your kids are already there, why not pay a few bucks for some flashing toys for your kids that will really lighten up the night and get the party started. Pacifier necklaces come with a string so you can wear them. It looks just like a pacifier, with a hard plastic nipple that you can chew on. And it blinks multicolor LED lights. Kids love them. Flashing space swords are great for boys. They flash rainbow color and makes Star Wars sound. Typically the pacifier necklaces can sell for $5 a piece and space swords $8 a piece. Other hot sellers include LED sunglasses which are always a good seller. Noodle headbands, Mohawks, butterfly wands, bubble guns to name a few. They typically run about $8 a piece.

Typically what you will see is that the vendor who’s selling these products will have a cart and the cart carries a few different flashing items. The vendor will have all the different type of products flashing. He or she will also wear some of the products to attract attention. Kids and their parents surround the vendor and while checking out all the flashing toys, they will ask for prices on the ones they like the best. In order to serve more customers, the vendor will need to carry a lot of singles and work real fast. In most cases the fireworks show organizer will only allow one vendor to be selling these type of products. Typically there are no negotiations involved because these products are so popular. As you can get pacifier necklaces for less than  a buck and space swords for less than $2, if you sell say 200 pacifiers and 200 swords, that’s $2000 already in profit. Of course you will have to pay to get in to sell. But still, that’s very profitable business for one night’s work.


Although people have been enjoying nice warm weather and celebrated the arrival of summer time on Memorial Day weekend, the official start of summer is on June 21st, tomorrow.  Long day light, warm weather, holidays, parties; outdoor night events and so on make summer time to be filled with a lot of fun.  What ideas do you have in mind for having some serious fun this summer?

Find the outdoor events coming up in your area and mark your calendar for those that look interesting. Invite friends to go there and hang out together.  Many of the events make take place at night such as fireworks, concerts, outdoor movies and carnivals.

Summer is also awesome to go camping or cabin with family and friends. Enjoy a few days away from the city life and get close to the nature.  Cooking together with friends and playing games all night long are pure fun time. During the day, hit the beach nearby or go pick fruits and vegetable in the u-pick farms in the area.
If you have a beach within driving distance, pack up food and drink in cooler, bring towels and swimsuits and hit the beach to enjoy the ocean breeze and sunlight and get tanned.  If you live in an inland area, throwing a beach party is a nice alternative.  There are online stores selling party supplies for themed parties.
Summer is joyful and cheerful.  Host your own party? Get bright table cloth, colorful plastic plates and cups, and even leis for guests to wear.   Want to try your favorite summer food and drinks recipes and enjoy with friends and families? They will sure to get good reviews.

Whatever you decide to enjoy the summer, have a lot of fun!

Nowadays in addition to glow necklaces, there are many types of light up necklaces offered by Glow With Us. For example, there are the flashing chase necklaces, star or heart shape light up pendant necklaces, for Halloween, there is also pumpkin and skull shape necklaces, then for Christmas, there is the Santa light up necklaces. While glow necklaces use chemical reaction to emit light, a process called chemiluminescence, which basically means the process of substances reacting together and as a result emitting light without creating heat. The LED necklaces, on the other hand, all use batteries to operate. You can say they rely on external power, while glow sticks are self-sufficient. The good thing with power dependent is the ability to change power source last they run out.

The chase necklaces offered by GlowWithUs.com look very similar to glow necklaces, except they are made out of plastic, with LED light bulbs embedded inside the plastic tube. With the button pressed, it turns on. Typically they have a few flashing modes, quick flash, strobe and light chasing. The plastic tubes come in two different colors, white or clear, with the clear color more popular as the lights will shine through the tubes brighter. There is a small compartment next the on/off button which hosts the battery chamber. Use a screw driver can open up the battery cover and change battery if needed. Glow necklaces obviously are perishable products for one-time use only.

The heart and star shape pendant light up necklaces are basically a flashing star or heart with a string so one can wear the necklaces. The star and heart shapes are popular with other shapes such as cross, bunny, dollar sign, etc that are available. The pumpkin and skull shape necklaces are Halloween favors. Similar to the heart/star, they come with strings as well. Santa light up necklaces are used for Christmas. With strings attached, they can be attached to Christmas trees as decoration ornaments. Glow With Us also carries Hawaii Leis, which are basically artificial flowers connected by a string and LED lights embedded with the string. The artificial flowers can be made very real looking, bright and eye-catching and can come in all sorts of colors, the LED lights come in blue, red, green, or purple. One can even have matching color flowers and LED lights for themed-color events. All necklaces and bracelets, whether glow or light up, are great party favors!

While tambourine is a music instrument that comes in many different shapes, LED tambourine is one popular party product. The product is made of ring bells and LED lights. The product functions like this: the color changing LED lights are controlled by a button, which when pressed, goes through three different flashing modes: quick flash, strobe and color-changing. The batteries are (3) AG13 batteries, which are those button type batteries. So how long can the batteries last? It really depends on the flashing mode used and how frequent the lights are turned on. Normal play the batteries should last quite a few hours. If you continuously play for several hors non-stop, the batteries will show sign of weakling. But that actually doesn’t mean the battery is running out. Turn it off for a day or two the batteries will come back for normal play.

Used up all the battery power on the light up tambourine? No worry, take a small screw driver; one can open up the batteries compartment, which is easily identified as the plastic handle is transparent. Take the three batteries out and replace with new ones. Make sure the batteries facing the right direction. Depending on the manufacturer, you could have plus and minus signs for the batteries engraved on the plastic handle.

The ring bells are just the basic bells. Depending on the product size, you can have LED tambourine with three bells or five bells. When you shake the products, the bells will generate bright fun clapping sound. Obviously the more the number of bells the louder the sound will be. The plastic handle of the tambourine also comes with a variety of colors: red, green, blue, white, etc. Where you hold the tambourine, the handle features a groove design for fingers to easily hold the product.

LED tambourines are great for all sorts of parties. From birthday parties, graduation parties to dance parties, pool parties, although they are more suitable for parties with kids and teenager than adults. In some karaoke places to stir up the party atmosphere, sometimes you can see tambourine provided in the lounge to add more fun to the party and gathering. With the lights turned on and automatically flashing from one mode to another mode and shaking the tambourine at the same time, this product can quickly boost up party feel. Other products can be used together with tambourine include light up balloons, either in assorted or multi-color and LED candles to decorate the room; foam glow sticks for people to wave around; and products like hair braids, pacifier necklaces, LED sunglasses, bubble style flashing jelly rings, finger lights, diva dreads, mohawks, etc to add a ton of fun to the party! Of course the party cannot go without drinks. LED pilsner glasses are the latest cool drinking glasses. It used to be that flashing beer mugs were popular, now the more elegant looking pilsner glasses are getting a lot of attention. You can serve any kind of drinks in the glass.

With the hottest time of the summer around here, hosting a beach party or going to the real beach to enjoy the sun and fun with friends and family is such a great idea to spend a summer weekend.  Preparing ahead for food, accessories and games to play will make the party and beach trip filled with unstop fun activities. You can enjoy sun bath or the cool breeze in the shade, but don’t miss out the fun beach games that will make it more memorable.

If you have a volleyball set, it is easy to set it up in the sand.  With no set, you can just put an umbrella or a beach chair on the ground for the net.  And you can draw the outlines of the court on the sand and start to play volleyball game.  As long as you have four persons, you can form two teams.

Frisbee is another popular beach game for adults and kids.  It is harder to run on the beach but it is challenging for everyone and is a great exercise. You can also have a contest of who can throw the Frisbee for the longest distance and accuracy.

If the water is warm enough for swimming, have a swimming contest and you may be surprised who the fastest swimmer is.  Prepare some award for the winner to make it more fun.  For the little ones, they love the sand games and then the volleyball is too heavy for them, but light beach balls are perfect for kids to play on the beach.  And kids are creative and they will use their own creativity and imagination to have playing beach games.

At trade shows and conventions, glow necklaces are great trade show give away promotional products, such as customized glow necklaces, martini glasses, LED foam sticks, etc to visitors to your booth as a way to help getting your business name out.  Promotional light up products have proven to work great for concerts, giveaways, conventions, trade shows and the list is endless.  They can be light up pens, glow sticks, glow necklaces, flashing sunglasses, light up cups, blinking key chains, etc. Glow necklaces bulk items and light up products are cheerful and in many cases very useful too, so your visitors and guests would love to keep them and your business names will flash many times in front of them to create great promotional effect.

Customized light up items are just great for any kind of businesses and organizations.

Light up cola glasses also called light up cups are fun for school events and kids’ birthday parties.  They are very easy to handle and there is only one flashing mode so you just turn them on and off.  But when they are activated, they flash in multi-colors and are very exciting.

Glow necklaces bulk products used as promotional products are favorite campaign products.  Glow With Us offers best deal on bulk quantity glow necklaces. Imprint your slogan on flashing products like flashing wristbands and foam sticks and your slogan will shine and catch all the attention from voters.

Churches often use glow necklace sticks and LED products for activities and events throughout the year.  In the past Easter, many churches have happy Easter celebrations.  The glow light is cheerful and matches the theme of the occasion perfectly.

School proms are another fun occasion to use glow necklaces, sticks, light up products.  Some schools have customized multi-color light up martini glasses for prom night party.   Other school events such as father daughter dancing night would also shine with flashing cups with the party theme imprinted.

Light up centerpieces are must-have for outdoor dinner parties and indoor banquets with dimmed light for the romantic atmosphere.  Wedding reception planners love to use light up centerpieces.  And how about imprinting the names of the groom and bride on the centerpiece?

DJs also love to put logos on glow necklaces and LED light sticks to promote the name of their clubs.  Cheer sticks are made of foam so even they are 16 inches long and 1 ¾ inches wide, they are extremely light and a lot of fun to wave with the music. Night clubs are dark and provide a great environment to have the best effect for flashing cheer sticks with the names of your night clubs shining.

Glow necklaces bulk and light up toys are also great for private parties. Visit Glow With Us for many selections of light up toys.  Celebrating Bat Mitzvah with glow sticks and glow necklaces in a glow-in-a-dark party is fun and memorable for everyone. Imprinting Bat Mitzvah on light up toys as party favors and giveaways will impress your guests and bring tons of fun.

If you are a toy vendor at summer fairs, here is some good news for you.  With the slowdown of the economy, arts and craft vendors face lower budget of consumers however parents who take kids to the carnivals will still get toys of just a few bucks to kids to have fun with.  So how to make money vending glow? Light up toys like glowsticks bulk, light up necklaces, rings, wands, swords are sold for $10 top and cheaper items like glow necklaces are sold for only $2 usually. Vendors of these products will have no problem approaching buyers and make the sale.

New to the vending business? Here are some tips on how to get the foot wet.  First check out fairs that are close by so you do not need to spend too much getting there and if inventory is low, it will still be possible to fetch refill from your warehouse.   Experienced vendors should also check new fairs that you have not been to.

At these fairs, you want to make sure that you have maximum exposure and that means to attract as many people as possible.  So to make your booth or sales people eye-catching is important for selling.  For night events, definitely increase the brightness of your booth with glowsticks bulk and LED lights.  Having items like light up necklaces flashing works great.

Another way to attract traffic effectively is to give our freebies.  Use promotions like buy two get one free for example to encourage customers to buy more.  You can also create a deal for families who are the main buyers.  For example, two glow sticks, two glow necklaces and two glow bracelets for five dollars.  So there is something for everyone in the family. Need to find the cheapest price on bulk neon necklaces? Search no more, Glow With Us has it.

Getting exclusive license for events that repeat each year or last for many days will certainly bring more sales volume.  You would have no competitor to share sales so you can be comfortable purchasing bulk glow sticks, wholesale glow necklaces, bulk light up necklaces, etc. as you will be the only vendor of this type of products to the large crowd.

Fun glowsticks, light up necklaces, swords, toys guns will sell by themselves.  So check with the wholesalers about popular products and designs of this year. You want to carry all-time popular products and add some novelty hot items to increase interest in your products.

As many know that online companies provide the most complete choices of glow products in terms of not only designs but colors and different packaging.  So where to buy glow lights with wholesale pricing? For both glow sticks bulk and glow necklaces, there are the assorted colors option provided by every supplier.  And the most common assorted colors are the most popular ones like red, green, blue, yellow and orange.

Assorted colors packaging are essentially solid colors of products pre-assorted by manufactures.  Solid colors of glow products are generally brighter than multi-colors ones when the size of the products are small.  For example, for glow bracelets that are only 8 inch long and very slim, the color separators for multi-color glow bracelets will reduce the brightness of the products.

With so many color choices, are assorted color neon necklaces the best? Assorted colors packs are favored by customers buying glow articles for a small birthday party and large business buyers using them in business venues. If you  get single colors, you would then need to make sure that there are various of colors out there, but if you get a tube of 50 pieces of glow necklaces in assorted colors, then there is automatically assured that your guests will get different colors.

Not only 6” glow sticks and glow necklaces, but almost all glow in the dark party supplies have the assorted colors options.  Glow glasses, glow rings, glow earrings, glow bracelets, glow bunny ears, glow mouth pieces all have assorted colors arrangement. Need party lights, try Glow With Us.

Some companies sell assorted colors for higher prices than solid colors of glow products while other companies sell them for the same prices.  Shop online for glow products and get the order within a week with UPS ground for all US 48 states.  A tracking number is sent to buyers once the order is shipped out.  So it is very convenient to order from online stores and they are the only place with assorted colors of all the glow products.

Shopping for neon light up supplies and glow bracelets for girls’ night out, school events, camping, night sports? You can hardly run out of the different color options and designs.  Want to create a combination of colors? Sure, there are tri-color glow bracelets necklaces in red-blue-white and red-green-blue and LED necklaces that emit several colors of lights. If you have unique requirements for colors, manufactures would welcome custom orders if you have large quantity for your order.

For glow products, assorted colors option is a great choice, and for glow necklaces, there is one more great color choice, the tri-colors!  They are made by manufacturers with special technology to isolate the glow liquid of different colors inside in three separate sections.  So the colors are prevented from being mixed up.

Some customers may notice in tri-color glow necklaces, one color seems to brighter than another, and that is normal.  When you have green as one of the three colors, you may notice some slight difference in brightness.  As green is the normally the brightest color for glow products.  For assorted colors glow necklaces bracelets, you will get a tube of 50 necklaces in five colors, 10 pieces for each color.  So you can be sure that everyone is wearing some different color.

Unlike glow bracelets products, for light up products, the multi-colors are a great choice. Sunglasses with LED lights are so hot these days. They have Red, green and blue LED light bulbs are embedded in one product and the lights are designed to do quick flash, strobe, chasing lights, etc. with a press of a button on the necklace for easy control. The variation of designs for necklaces is from the pendant, which is the light up piece.  There are also the light up lanyard with pendants that also light up.  The lanyards and pendants are controlled separately with two buttons. The benefit of light up lanyard is that the flashing light can be seen from 360 degrees.

Each year around Independence Day, many companies in the US have corporate events. Many of these events use glow necklaces and light up flashing toys. As the theme is patriotic, red white blue glow necklaces are the signature products around this time of the year. Glow in the dark party supplies are top 4th of July party lights. With July 4th less than a month away, you may want to throw a party or will attend friends’ parties, get something cheerful and different.  When it gets dark, glow bracelets and glow necklaces will bring enchanting colorful glow wear.  They are no failure party accessories that people young and old will love.  The red-white-blue glow sticks products bring patriotic colors lighted up.  Throw patriotic glow to July 4th party is a great way to spend the evening.

Red white blue glow necklaces are a staple for 4th of July. Pass them around glow necklaces for your guests to wear. It is amazing to see the neon light in the crowd when everyone watches the beautiful fireworks. The glow necklaces can be swirled in the air as play items.  They can also be connected to make long glowing rope to make signs and for decorations.  Red white and blue glow sticks can also be used as promotional products, which are imprinted with companies’ names.  And they have been selected by many companies as fun and effective marketing merchandise during July 4th holiday.

The more variety of glow items there are in a glow party, the more exciting it will be. One can ask guests to come with some glow and light up items and let them know where to get them.  A better way to organize the supplies is to get glow sticks and glow necklaces in bulk and give them away for free to your guests.  Most of these items don’t have a size difference so it’s no hassle getting them for a crowd.  Quantities, shapes and colors are the only factors to consider.   Like glow, the majority of the LED light up toys come with one size only but they can fit all. And there are a wide range of products to select and you can try different products each year.